Thursday, January 7, 2016


You are all that you seek.  You, the true identity are a divine intelligence, an eternal light of magic and wonder.  You have temporarily forgotten this great truth due to your immersion in creative materiality.  You are not what you appear to be.  You are much more.  I know of that which I speak because the sense of spiritual sight views your true identity shining through.  The Eye of God sees, feels and knows with a certainty that you are divine, eternal and pure creative energy.  What I witness holds truth whether you are actively seeking truth or not.

You and I are brothers and sisters of Light.  We are individual lights of the One Great Light.  We vibrate as a result of Omnipresence, Omnipotence and Omniscience. All exist as our original nature eagerly waiting for us to place our personality-ego aside allowing the inner splendor to simply BE.   You are that which you yearn for.  The Light is you.  Trust in these words when I say that if you discipline your thinking mind, emotions and body through the changing of habits, attitude and an unswerving faith, you will awaken to an all embracing Reality.  Intuitively, you already know this about yourself.

You have the power to be conscious of a sublime Reality now.  Ask only for truth.  Seek only God.  Relax, breathe and meditate silently and secretly allowing Spirit to feel, speak and act through the thick covering of the sleep of forgetfulness.  Love and respect your body temple.  If you ignore the body and the wandering mind, you will fail to experience the exquisite power of God functioning through density.  You will mistakenly prevent and separate the struggling lower forces of the physical from the blessings of the higher forces of God’s presence.  Isn’t it time to emerge out of hiding and actualize the Kingdom in your every day coming and going?

Recognize that the greater your awakening to the original pure and true nature and your efforts to willingly express it, the greater your awareness and brilliance will manifest here in matter.  Spirit manifests through a willing intelligence.  Give the entirety of consciousness to Source.  Surrender your lower nature to your higher Essence.  Apply will, reason and love in claiming your true identity.  Allow the inner wonder and power of the divine to direct your spiritual awakening.  Willingly accept and thankfully pass through orderly steps to lovingly activate the energy of God already existing within.  As you continue to ascend in consciousness and feel and know God as a tangible and loving reality, you will easily recognize and hold dear the divine presence within all life.  It is that easy to consciously connect and live in the beauty, love and joy of God.

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