Saturday, January 23, 2016


When more of us finally realize that the only thing there really is, Spirit, we will finally be authentic.  If the term Spirit is too indefinite for you, substitute mind or consciousness.  Haven’t you wondered what or how can we be the image or likeness of God?  It is the spirit of us, the mind or consciousness of us that is the likeness.  The likeness differs in degrees according to our conscious awareness and use in understanding this truth.  We are not a physical look alike but an energy differing only in recognition and vibration.  The habit of calling Source-God as a Father or Mother is symbolism for our connection.

In a roomful of people, it would be a rarity to find two fields of intelligence vibrating and living at the same level.  “Made in the image of God” is a familiar reminder that we do have value.  By raising our level of conscious awareness, we become godlike.  Divinity lives in all life and differs according to intelligence, conscience and awareness.  If a person, group, or even a city is basically not open to receiving Divinity or deprived of the power and presence for one reason or another, how can they receive, accept, live or share it?  We first have to value and honor the truth that that presence and power is the real identity of us.  Once we stop being resistant or ignorant, the higher energy will begin to reveal itself.  The goal is for the fullness, beauty, power, light and love of the magical Self to express fully through us.  It is similar to how one of my children describes the process…turn up the thermostat.  Consciously expand your light, turn up the brightness, lighten your load and discover what it really is like to be free and a conscious creator.

We know God is creative.  The same holds true for humans.  Every human has a capacity to make things, to create, because we are all made in the image/energy of a creative power Source.  Regardless of our gender, age, history, every one of us possesses spiritual aptitudes and capacities.  Just because we may not witness someone’s spiritual nature or our own, its hidden energy is more real that our physical nature because it does not die.  If more of us would nurture our consciousness and deem it as important as eating, drinking and exercising our physical body, anything would be possible.

We are intelligent and intended to be morally responsible.  What gives us life is the image, the consciousness but most humans are not yet fully aware of the grandeur of our possibilities.  Being fully human means to reflect a higher creativity using our godlike capacities.   Our conscious creations can be far grander than we have imagined because we are under the same principles and laws of cause and effect.  We need to use mind-consciousness to mold spirit with the ideas we receive as a creator.  

We are living in two worlds simultaneously but not using our full potential.  The physical world is the result of invisible ideas.  Hopefully, more humans are aware now that everything began as an idea, in light, and eventually manifested in density.  When we are also aware that the invisible world is infinite and the real us is also infinite, we can become more visibly and tangible god-like.

It is time that more of us live a Self-conscious and an attentive life understanding that the real is the magical inner Self.  The body is the medium we use to express its ideas.  To understand and live this relationship we naturally have with our light image allows us to use our innate spiritual higher powers.  We’ve been programmed for thousands of years to fear using power except for emergencies and very select ‘holy’ things.  Religious teachers in many cases have placed restrictions on our using the mind and body to create and heal unless the act comes under certain rules and regulations.  All the glorious wonders written about may be experienced here and now.  It is intention, pure thought that is noted.  We don’t have to attend a certain school, training or physically die to attain the spiritual realm.  We are designed to awaken here in the flesh and use our mind and body as a medium for the higher energies of our spirit consciousness.

As an example, why would Jesus state, “Behold the kingdom of God is within you”?  What is within?  Your consciousness is the shaker and mover.  Are you conscious now?  Isn’t it time we prove these things ourselves?  People always want proof.  Well, do it.  Plenty of proof will manifest in your life if you put the heavy conditions of past teachings, opinions and concerns aside and learn to apply innate spiritual powers with an understanding and loving awareness.  Yes, it is possible to direct Spirit/consciousness.  It is the only active force.  May your motive and best interests always vibrate as love.  Stop separating yourself and allow the real Self to take action.

Why don’t you go to a mirror now and look at your self?  You are looking at the outer covering.  The brain is thinking and the mind is toying with the idea of using its will in a new and very interesting way.  Why not use the entire package body, mind and soul and create a new kind of life, a life where your will as an aware consciousness is demonstrating what the team desires?  If the team is involved, then you and I are acting as a likeness or image of God.  We create deliberately not only for our good but the good of all~

Give yourself a Valentine gift...a cup of healing

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