Monday, January 4, 2016


Some people refer to God, Spirit as Mind.  I do not and will explain why.  The mind was originally intended as an instrument of awareness.  The mind can change but Spirit-God does not change.  Mind was to be the means by which individual light, spirit, could express itself.  The mind is a tool used to seek and express our original energy as pure all-knowing spirit.  I realize that many use the word ‘mind’ as synonymous with Spirit.  The very fact that we can use the mind is in itself proof that mind cannot be spirit because it is hardly possible that anyone could use Spirit.  Spirit uses us!  When we begin to awaken to a higher reality, we are consciousness expressing as it was intended. In addition, Spirit is one power and presence and there is no duality, good or evil, in its essence.  Man can use the mind for both good and evil if he accepts duality into his consciousness.  When he accepts duality, the mind places a veil over the inner wisdom of the spirit.  As a result of this veil, which is a covering, the truth of what we innately are, we then have to go through the slow process of rediscovering divine energy by training ourselves to transcend the mind and the personality.

Spirit is true wisdom.  True wisdom cannot be changed.  To attain wisdom requires the application of science, for science is wisdom put into practice.  It is up to us to put wisdom into practice.  An individual may have great intelligence but not be wise nor developed a realization of his or her own divine worthiness.  The intellectual looks for facts, figures and verification of all that he thinks exists.  There is nothing wrong with that but often it becomes a black and white situation that must be proven to be believed.  Eternal truths are not black and white and are rarely discovered through the intellect alone.  Problems often beset a true intellectual slowing down the process of spiritual awakening.  The changeable mind can puff itself up with self-importance in the belief that it is the All, the One Source.  This is not wisdom.

The separation in the heart through the misconceptions of the mind has made the fall of consciousness one of great despair and loneliness that it becomes a monumental effort for the soul to rediscover its true identity as the spirit of God individualized.  Humans are not what they appear to be.  The things feared and the worries haunting the individual exist only in the ever-changing mind.  The very things that keep us separated from our true, pure and eternal identity are the creations of our own thinking process.  Thoughts are often monsters that we have created because we have given power to that which is not.

If we live in a conscious awareness that the only real power, presence and wisdom on earth is the divine love and creativity of the One Spirit, it becomes easier to gain genuine understanding and develop qualities of a godly life in our daily experience.  If we recognize the principles of Spirit as the universal laws of existence, then the energetic vibrations of those eternal principles will manifest as a personal experience.

If we insist mind is all there is, we continue to nourish personal fears and give fear a false reality by believing that they have power equal or greater than the Great Spirit behind all creation.  Believing in another power, as the source of life will manifest things in our lives that are best left uncreated.  A true seeker of Reality eventually discovers that the mind-soul must go beyond the appearance world, the negatives that occur and the seeking of falsity.  Mind is a tool to use.  It is not godly but can be used for godly things.  True wisdom is beyond mind and requires the application of the science of clear understanding.  When we think scientifically, we put wisdom into practice.  To think scientifically is to understand that wisdom appears as we seek Omnipresence.  It seems almost too simple, but it is truth.  By seeking the Unchangeable, the Source, all that we need to authentically evolve is provided.  Regardless of what is occurring in our outer or inner environment, we have a workable and sublime power at our disposal. 

Grace exists as part of the fabric of Spirit.  Mindfulness of this truth, seeking the One Spirit although existing in the many, we break through the changing aspects of the limited mind and open our consciousness to the higher vibrations of the Christ and Cosmic energy.  “Seek ye first the Kingdom and all will be given unto you”.  Instead of seeking that which has no significance or endurance, why not seek the truth of your existence, awaken, and break through the illusion and the sleep of forgetfulness?
The eruptions and the veil will be cast aside when we allow the hidden splendor that surpasses the limitations of mind to come forth.  Once Omnipresence-Omnipotence is understood and expressed we become alive and leave the ignorance, abuse and sense of separation aside.  What manifests in our lives is a direct result of thought, word and action.  Because understanding has been limited, our bodies the temples of individualized spirit, have been long abused and neglected.  Believing mind is the only answer to creation and its changing forms is a form of abuse.  Consciousness becomes contaminated.  Where we stand, sit and walk is holy ground.  The knowledge within mind regardless of how brilliant is limited compared to intuitive knowledge, the inner knowing.  The soul-mind and the individuality of spirit ideally are to be used together as a team so the one will provide an outlet for the other.  One is a transparency for the other.  More often than not, the intellectual influence dominates and the intuitive feelings of spirit are smothered in the pompous attitude of the conscious mind.  In many ways, our animals use the application of science better than we do.  My cat, Baba, definitely puts his intuitive wisdom into practice more than most humans.

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