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If not clearly understood, the psychic sense can be a detriment to our spiritual awakening because it is basically a sixth or physical sense.  Being genuinely psychic is very helpful and is a personal sense often laced with a feeling of power and may be fostered by the manipulative side of the ego-personality. To deliberately seek psychic powers for self-aggrandizement is to waste precious time.  It becomes a misuse of a heightened awareness.  Psychic experiences are a natural byproduct of a developed sixth sense in physical form.  It isn’t always connected with soul advancement.  Many animals, particularly cats, have it.  My cat, Baba, sees angelic beings and other forms of light around me and in the room.  Sometimes, I feel he sees and knows too much.  But at least, animals do not misuse the sixth sense like many humans tend to do.  Dogs often growl when they sense an invisible entity in a room.  It is fascinating to watch the dogs’ movement as he or she is on alert and following activity happening in a room that may not be seen or felt by the humans.

In the far distant past, being psychic was more commonly a part of the every day physical experience.  Looking to past ages of man, it appears as if the more a human is involved with materiality and technology, the sixth sense frequently diminishes in power and use. The truth of this is in evidence if one studies carefully the progress of the soul.   Anything, meaning power, can be used for the good or for mischievous ends depending on the consciousness of the individual and the cycle of humanity and its collective interest.   If psychic powers are a natural development in man and they are used for personal gain and glory, the misuse may temporarily destroy any gains that have been made in the enfoldment of the flower of the individual hidden spirit life.

Intuition in its pure form used for the awakening of consciousness is a gift to be shared with others.  Through intuitive awakening, we will naturally realize what we need to know to bring harmony and wisdom into the body and mind and create a healing environment.  Obviously, there are degrees in consciousness.  If we seek to unfold and awaken fully to our true spiritual identity, why seek that which is of the lesser?  Seek not personal power, but rather seek the Impersonal power that is available, healing and helpful to all?

It is through intense feelings that change and an expanding enlightenment eventually take place becoming a living reality in our lives. The pursuit for excellence demands attention, discipline and discernment for us to remove the veil from the clouded mind that is so easily deceptive.  It is through our mental and emotional choices that visions surface in the conscious mind.  Visions are meant to be teaching tools, a language taking comfortable forms to help us grow in our conscious awareness of a higher life that is waiting patiently to live through us as us.  The inner divine self transcends the senses including the psychic. The divine helps us remember what we have learned and encourages us to further explore the endless wisdom of the light of understanding through spontaneous visions.  Speaking from experience, the visions are not always understood.  We are not to only observe them and be thankful but use our intuition and in some cases intellectually investigate the symbols and make certain we understand the message correctly.  This is why we must be attentive and develop discernment not going off in the ‘la la land’ so typical of the many who are blessed with this ability.  Stay grounded, analyze what you have viewed, learn from the vision and take action if necessary.

We are given revelations from both the subconscious and super-conscious at the strangest of times.  They happen to me in the shower, at the grocery store, talking to friends and every type of situation imaginable.  If I can, I remove myself to a place where I can safely observe and receive.  Why spirit chooses inappropriate human times to present a message to us is interesting but then our typically mundane lives compared to their limitless freedom of expression takes precedence over what we consider convenience.

It is very comforting to realize that we have an inner companion looking out for our best interests.  It is important not to take for granted revelations but use them for spiritual growth and to help others when a need is indicated.  At one time, I referred to spiritual manifestations as gifts but soon learned that they are really an original and intricate part of our true self.  We have experienced and learned their existence long ago and are again remembering the forgotten presence and power.   There is a difference between psychic gifts of the sixth sense and the power and possibilities of the innate awakening aspects of our higher Self.   The sixth-physic sense primarily focuses on the invisible planes closely associated with earth and earth life itself.  To be psychic does not necessarily mean we are a consciously awakened spiritual being.  The ideal is to blend and use the two together for the good of self and all.  The intuitive knowing or gifts of spiritual illumination involve the wisdom science directed by that Source, Core, Indescribable Force, which existed prior to the birth of creation, humanity, false belief systems and materiality.


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