Saturday, January 16, 2016


We all have made mistakes, because we have not known our real selves.  We all have asked at one time or another, “What is the best way of healing the body or helping another heal?” Jesus, a great teacher and example for us, always met the need of the people at their exact degree of unfoldment.  Everyone needs a special approach but there is one approach we all need and that is genuine and caring love.

We can only really help others and ourselves in direct relationship to how we love.  Love will know the exact method.  It helps the process by only seeing the good in another or the good in you regardless if details display otherwise.  I learned long ago to look past the appearance for that is exactly what disorder, imbalances, illnesses and similar opinions, an appearance.  LOVE looking past the appearance is your first step.

Second step:  Freely ASK for the blessings of the creative Holy Spirit and the angelic angels to assist you.  There are helpers all around you.  God is love incarnate.

Third step: train yourself to understand and RECOGNIZE the perfect spiritual body, your light blue print behind your form.  The goal is to get every part of your material body to act in obedience to your real, eternal and spiritual body.

Fourth step: if your physical senses tell you that you are in pain CALL on your spiritual senses and use a word of power to remove the discomfort.  A word of power is a significant name or word that represents holiness, God, love to you.  You can train your mind and body to obey immediately. 

Fifth step: ASSERT yourself and be a spiritual conscious being refusing to fall prey to material or sense suggestions, opinions and negativity.  Allow your true spiritual self to become a ruler.

Sixth step: VIBRATION.  Fill the house every day with strong, positive health vibrations, lifting the energy in your environment into purity and truth.  Feel free to experiment with different ray colors, light.

Seventh step: GROWTH.  Healing is not designed to be difficult.  Make your transformation playful, creative, loving and simple.  It is more natural to work with God always in our midst than to ignore, fail and go around complaining.
Periodically say to yourself: “I am spirit” and “I am to create.”

Eighth step:  TRUST AND ASSUME:  Offer your prayer request and let it go.  Don’t keep looking for a change.  I always assume it is being taken care of by the One Power and One Presence.

Ninth step:  GRATITUDE  When you do think of your request, remember and speak gratitude and thank the Holy Spirit for being in charge.

I made the list 9 steps because 9 is a sacred number and represents change.  Watch as the magic of love as it comes into you and your life.


Awaken, thou that sleepest.  Christ shall give you light.

I am determined to live from the innermost of myself.

I am not losing my identity but rather gaining a greater individuality.

Spirit is the first and real foundation of my consciousness.

I desire to live, think, speak only from the level of spirit.

I ask that my vision clear, my ears hear and my mind is open.

God’s spoken first word at creation was LIGHT!


Every stage of development reveals more of God.

I can easily distinguish between reality and shadow.

I am breathing entirely from the plane of spirit during this sacred healing hour.

I am entering into a larger consciousness of God.

I am awakening to a higher plane and larger consciousness.

Heaven is not a place but a consciousness of God.

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