Saturday, January 9, 2016


The majority of spirits living in matter come from a similar origin.  There is a major difference between spirit and soul.  Spirit is our first individual form projected from God, the Great Spirit.  Later, individual spirit decided it wanted to create a form in matter that it could use to express itself in a tangible way.  The process was one of both devolving and evolving. In its devolution, it was necessary to create coverings consisting of a soul, mind and eventually a physical body.  The process was not as simple as thought and took many efforts of trial and error to finally bring forth a suitable form to house the spirit of God.

The lesser energy of soul-memory-mind emanated throughout the lower kingdoms in its first burst of evolution.  Instead of being free to express as its former spirit in the higher worlds of light, the individual spirit became entrapped in the dense vibrations of matter.  It was not until the process as the world refers to as evolution reached a point where there was a creature with a highly enough developed brain could the fallen spirit exercise the power it once knew as a spirit of light.  In density a spirit is imprisoned so to speak in its own creation.  It is covered by lesser or slower vibrations referred to as a soul-mind.  Entering a physical form slows its vibration because matter is normally cumbersome.  We call this conglomerate man.  As man, we are armored with a mind, will and a brain that serves to accelerate us onward toward the return journey to our spiritual home, the Supreme Spirit.   

The perennial question is why did we ever leave completeness and devolve in the first place?  The only answer I can come up with is to experience the creation process.  The answer doesn’t satisfy, at least me, because some of us remember what it is like in the sublime vibratory regions of Light and authentic Wisdom and Love.   Living in matter is not a vacation.  For most, it feels like a trap.  My last published book, Trapped: Visitor from Heaven is written as a novel but in truth, it shares my efforts in removing myself from the typical pitfalls of being a human.

When spirit devolved millions of years ago, it went through the various kingdoms such as the simple plant, the variety of living creatures that appeared and eventually into a form we refer to as human.   Once a vehicle was developed suitable for the individuality and its purpose, there was no longer a need for the individual spirit to enter the lower animal or plant life.  If a world cataclysm occurred, the simple forms would again be used as an avenue of expression until a creature with a will and developed brain came into being.  Life is always present in one form or another to serve the purpose of liberation from the mistaken act of conscious separation from Source.

You may be wondering why the heck I even think or write about this subject.  I guess there is a lingering shock in my memory bank.  I realize what is really entombed in a human form and how oblivious most people are to their origin, purpose and eventual need to return to their origin.  Everything is related.  We are one great energy field.  What appears as division is but the flowing together of all life seen and unseen.  Many teachers suggest that a human abstain from eating flesh.  The eating of flesh was never intended for individualized spirit.  Earth people and their habits of eating animals actually leads away from the Source and does nothing to enhance individual spiritual energy.    If the soul is not evolved, it will absorb the vibrations of the flesh of the lower creature it consumes.  The human body does not need animal food.  In higher vibrating manifestations, dimensions of thought, this practice is unthinkable.

Please note, my friend, that I will no longer be writing a daily blog.  This offering will only appear as a Saturday gift.  In the meantime, I am writing a very playful yet educational book about a magical cat, my awesome Manx furry companion named Baba. 

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