Tuesday, December 15, 2015


I find it interesting that so few people actually give serious thought to the truth that what is commonly considered even “incurable” diseases and “insoluble” problems can sometimes be healed instantly when the individual is willing to allow attunement with Divine Will.  Notice, I use the word ‘allows’.  Healing experiences are one of the most powerful means to discover our own true identity and relationship with God, the Source of All.  Since so many humans have a low sense of self-esteem, feeling not worthy plays a large part in the reason they do not seek or accept a personal relationship with the One Power and One Presence.  Sometimes, it takes a dramatic healing display for a person to even believe.  This is a sad commentary.

There have been many instantaneous physical healings because there is a connection between thought, energy and matter.  Since everything we see is a product of Divine Mind, it can be changed.  All creation was once an idea brought to light and then into matter.  I have personally experienced throughout my life how Divine Will can change a body and any material object.  Atomic changes can happen both near and far when we firmly fix the mind on what needs to be changed. Ample research has been done on this so why do not more people use the mind to heal and transform that, which is broken?

Good people struggle with this because a great percent of disease is found to have psychological roots.   Thought is the power that determines what happens in our lives. Some people live under constant stress.  Our thoughts upset the life force in the cells particularly when a particular thought is chronic.  To help yourself become aware of the relationship of thought, life force and your body remember that nothing is what it appears to be; anything can be changed.  You can prove this. Thought condenses into energy and energy into flesh, blood and tissue.  I’ve known people who repeatedly state their mother, father, grandparents, aunts or uncles had cancer and they will get it also.  Because they repeat and believe that they will have cancer, it happens sooner than later.  These people have a ‘frozen’ mind.  They need to warm up to truth and understand how powerful the mind can be.  Will power can be effectively used to change anything but we must want the change.  Frankly, nothing is fixed but we must do our part by not allowing ourselves to become paralyzed by what we see or feel.  If your will is debilitated by disease, it can be corrected by the strong will of one who has offered to help.  This is where faith and surrender are needed in a higher power than the nonsense that appears to be in control.  

Too many people are allowing themselves to be manipulated by negative thoughts and patterns.  If you are willing to try and do something different, let someone who understands help you.
Since very few people are masters, the karmic circumstances usually are not known.  Sometimes, we are lucky and a glimpse is given and helps the situation.  There have been healing incidences where I will be laying hands on a person and a series of images will cross my mind showing the cause of the patient’s illness.  I was called to our local hospital to pray for a stranger who was on oxygen and weakened by cancer.  Her relatives surrounded the bed. I put my hands over her blanketed feet and ask her if she wanted to live.  The woman replied yes because of her young daughter at home.  I then saw a series of images of the woman actively moving around in a dark print flowered dress.  I asked her if she owned such a dress.  She did.  I then told her she would be well.  The prophetic images came true.  I may have already told you this story but the point is important.  A dynamic thought of healing begins changing the energy of the mind.  An entire situation can be dramatically changed regardless of the method used.

Divine healing power energy can be used in multiple ways.  Sometimes, it is simply planting an empowering thought in another person’s mind.  We can do this mentally as well as physically.  Physically includes saying prayers, a specific word such as a name of God, or affirmations.  We deliberately set up a vibration and direct it.  The sound doesn’t have to be loud; it is the energy-thought-vibration behind the sound.  Healing is definitely a science that is a step-by-step process involving a formula that has a time proven history.  Hopefully, by my continuing to examine this subject new ideas will give birth and a lasting healing be evidenced.


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