Wednesday, December 2, 2015


If we are honest, it certainly appears that man has become a slave to the medical and religious world and is all his life subject to their laws. He continues to abuse his body, the body of others, the earth and all life.  The abusers are not only those who have physical and material power but those who misuse the mind to lead the unsuspecting away from the good, the beautiful and the true.  We have been given the Vedas, Upanishads, Bhagavad-Gita, the Ten Commandments, The Gospels, The Beatitudes, The Golden Rule, The Noble Eight Fold Path, The Golden Flower and other sublime teachings to help us awaken and be fully alive.  Yet, man continues to harm and exist in spiritual ignorance.

We’ve had the teachings of the Oriental Jesus that are too much Westernized.  Jesus, who manifested Christ Consciousness, an authentic Son of God, has been misinterpreted by the world.  The most elementary principles of his teachings have been desecrated and their true meaning forgotten.  Jesus was an Oriental Christ, a supreme yogi.  He was an Oriental, by birth and blood and training.  The West has separated him from his background.  His teachings are pure.  The way they are presented in Occidental Christianity is only the outer crust.

Westerners are leaving the church because it continues to be presented as a spiritual kindergarten. The horrendous acts that many Christians have foisted on the innocent throughout the ages is proof of the prejudices and ignorance held in ignorant minds that haven’t a clue as to the meaning and purpose of the teaching of Jesus. What is needed is increased self-effort meditation and knowledge of the methods of actual communion with God.  All the great spiritual leaders emphasize that a direct, personal realization of God is the Sole Reality.  We receive a personal verification of a master teaching by metaphysical study and making a personal contact with the Divine in our own inner temple.  Without spiritual awakening, it becomes too easy to fall prey to selfishness, sin, competition and wars.

How many people are actually proud or even believe that they are children of God, made in His image?  Jesus affirmed the scriptures: “Ye are God”.  The only way we can come out openly as sons of God is to become identified with Universal Love, expressed in service to all, both materially and spiritually.  The Occident has kept Jesus, an oriental-born Christ in a prison for centuries.  It is time ignorance stop!  Truth must be set free.  It is time to understand illusion and gain enlightenment.

We all come from the same Source.  In my understanding, to ignore this truth is to feed a death wish.  Rather than humanity continue on the path of abuse and destruction why not choose to fight to salvage the immortal teachings from the hands of ignorance and be your true light by intuitively knowing yourself at the deepest level?  Seek spiritual understanding through actual communion with God and remove dogma-bound beliefs and conquer yourself.   Narrow bigotry, not understanding our true identity and purpose is behind all the hatred and unrest.  The death wish is actually a request for the hope that comes with a loftier freedom only experienced by being permeated with the holy Creative Vibration… 

Blessing of light,
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