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To give to others whether it is food, clothing, money or mental power helps them although it is only temporary.  The greatest gift is spiritual understanding.  To be able to give spiritual understanding and share permanent gifts, we must have the gift ourselves.  No matter how good our intention, we can only give what we genuinely have, nothing else. Wisdom as an example can only be a gift conferred on others by those who possess it.  To offer enlightenment, we must reflect the inner light.  We must spiritualize ourselves first.

How do we do that?  It takes constant effort and vigilance.  We must learn to recognize delusion and destruction so that we are no long fooled. It is then that we can help souls who are trapped and suggest methods to help them be set free.  The idea is to help one another.  If we gain freedom and not share it, we are selfish.  The ideal is to remember and be completely who we originally were as perfection and wholeness, our original face.  The greatest happiness and freedom is to be able to share what we have attained with others.  It isn’t always easy to share or I should that in my experience I find it difficult to find words for a feeling that is beyond words.  As a result, I call a relationship with the true and divine identity a love affair.  The real Self is my Beloved.  The Beloved is always with me and inspires, guides, protects and loves and is my best friend. 
I reached that level of companionship after a great tug-of-war with the habits of the personality.  All the negative teasing of the typical human life were faced and discarded with a mix of relief and wonder.  Virtue, accepting spiritual identity and remembering what is true requires self-control and usually an undivided faith in the unseen.  It is not always comfortable taking a stand against what is considered normal by the unenlightened.  Good may be troublesome for a time because it takes steadfastness, patience and unswerving trust to stay awake in the midst of ignorance and evil.  To be a clear thinker when appearances in the world demonstrate an attractiveness that is not real is to learn to be a scientist.  Indulging in evil whether it is a habit that harms the body or something or someone appearing very attractive can have a gripping affect that will delay spiritual evolution.  Most people are so steeped in falsity that it never dawns on them what they have done to harm their soul.  Soul evolution is delayed and the negative effects continue to follow them in future incarnations.

The purpose of our light entering matter is to bring ‘heaven to earth’, enlighten matter.  We have the innate love and wisdom to be successful but it is up to us to culture the power of goodness and increase our divine magnetism.  To achieve the goal of the soul we eventually must recognize, develop and discipline the personality to live a virtuous life.  It is important to daily meditate.  The intuitive closeness of meditation quickens inner communion with the Source of our being.  Attunement is required…not ego or a desire for self-aggrandizement.

I’ve noticed that many people who have one grand spiritual experience will quickly write a book, set them self up as a teacher or find a speaker’s platform to express a latent egotistical tendency.  If we really wish to be genuine givers or teachers, we need to have attained self-realization or at least be sincerely striving for God-attunement and subversion of the ego.  A true gift to others and ourselves is when we are appreciative, respectful toward all religions, strive to be grounded in truth and free ourselves from dogma.  There is a huge difference between being spiritually awake and denominational observances.  If we desire to share truths, it makes good sense that we first realize those truths in ourselves first.  This is why communion with Source is a requirement.  In the Silence, the intuitive power of the soul is awakened.

The gift of giving hope to others is to first have complete faith in God.  In other words, you know through firsthand experience that the divine law works.  The best teaching we can give another is through our character and actions.  Sincerity is vital, being natural, standing firm in our experience and keeping our word.  As a lover of truth whether the gift is to family member, friend or a large group you are trying to help is normally free from racial and class prejudices and preferences.  This is a natural understanding because the reality of a human’s true identity is recognized.  The outer form is an appearance that we are temporarily using to express the soul.

To give as a true disciple of the light of Spirit, we keep our distance from people who try to compete, control or get us to compromise our inner knowing.  A true giver understands the importance of cleansing the deluded ego and undergoing a purifying process.  We also understand that some of our loved ones and close friends may not desire to receive or even recognize the gift that we have to give.
Expect nothing from others is perhaps one of the most important attitudes for one who is absorbed in his spiritual growth.  Although your firsthand experiences are genuine, not everyone will embrace them preferring someone else who may instead have a Doctor of Divinity degree.  There are many physically, mentally or spiritually sick humans who yearn to receive your gift.  To receive your devotion and desire to serve is to receive God’s healing blessing.

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