Saturday, June 4, 2016


Could all the pain really be a desire for something hidden right now, a totally different type of change not yet suspected?  Even people who normally do not seek change seem to want it.  There is a deep dissatisfaction across the globe.  The most obvious discontent is in politics.  Unhappiness is being experienced in subtle ways such as a desire that life could be better with a new job, more money, moving to another location, switching partners, changing diet, traveling, enhancing appearance, indulging in unhealthy substances or getting a tattoo.  Feelings are intense.  Many people are blaming the bias and false programming of the news media, the corruptness found in many churches, the cover-ups and indifference in the medical field.  Genetics are being blamed for problems not solved and parents who feel unworthy passing their false beliefs on to their children.  Relatives who won't take responsibility for their own lives doesn't help either.  Friends are fearful, doubtful and falsely programmed.  More people are suspecting that a deliberate rewriting of history and ongoing falsity has occurred and will continue to be kept from the public.  Conspiracy theories and cover-ups prevalent everywhere and the accompanying sorrow caused by narrowness of beliefs creates fear.   The false conditioning we have been typically bombarded with since we took our first breath is suffocating.

My feeling about the root of humanities ongoing problems is an ignored lack of insight and awareness of the cause of suffering.  I feel the mass feeling of disgust and unrest, effects, are being disguised by the outer symptoms and signs.  There is a very deep sickness.  The robotic sickness and imbalances found everywhere is an inner negligence, lack of realization, understanding and accepting one's true identity, which is spiritual.  Inner worth has been so diminished, trust tainted, truth non-existent and suffering appears to be the norm.

There is a disguised cause behind the lack and limitation experienced outwardly. The physical and material disguise confuses the mind and diminishes the light of God that patiently waits within.  We blame the cause as  selfishness, political unrest, terror attacks, bigotry, overweight, abuse on every level, random and pleasure killing, new diseases and mental breakdowns. Continued disrespect for life is man's undoing. How long must the common man be deaf, dumb and blind?  It is always a choice, a thought, a word and an action. Pain does leave once it has finished teaching us.  How long does the bulk of humanity need to remain in school?

People must awaken to their own light. Survival depends on it. We certainly have had enough master teachers as examples.    No one told us it would be an easy road.  Usually, when we want to make progress difficulties  increase tenfold.  With faith, love and perseverance we win. Ask for devotion. Begin with yourself and train to become consciously aware of your eternal light and the light of others.  It is not the outer appearances commonly blamed being the real cause of the expanding unrest.  They are effects of the cause found too prevalent in the soul...forgetfulness.   Start remembering...your load will lighten.

Honor life beginning with yourself,

Shirlee Hall
Circle of Light class and meditation 6/5/16


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