Monday, November 16, 2015


Who are you, dear one?
You are my child lost along the way
You are my light who needs rekindling
You are my own, my very own
You are.

A rose typifies the true identity of our individual essence, a spirit giving life hidden as a physical form.  It is the Rose, the Christ of self that is indeed the only true reality of an often-bleak appearance world of flesh and matter.  As humans, we search for the Holy Grail. Some weep for the blessed Family and yet, we sorrow for naught because in reality we have not lost the grail or missed the true family of awakened souls.  We have simply misunderstood in our forgetfulness.

Those of the Light speak to us of truth, as they understand, live and know it.  Humanity meanders and overlooks the exquisite beauty of self, the scent of unconditional love, the touch of holiness that lingers quietly within the bosom yet consciously is tied to the mesmeric rituals of spiritual ignorance that lead to human sorrow.  Why look for that which you already have? Why continue to feel sorrow for that which has never left you?  Why desire beauty when your own beauty is waiting to unfold?  Why lower your head and not face the Sun.  Why dear flowers of eternal nature are you so wilted and down?  Have you forgotten to nurture your living essence and feed your roots?  Why are you not tending the fragrant garden of your heart?

We tend to look at awe upon a rose forgetting our own perfection.  We long for the birth of Christ although the sublime energy is already born.  Why wait for further signs of its presence and power?  Waiting is in vain.  Why do you feel like weeping? Do you weep for that which could be? Or, do you weep for that which is to come? Perhaps, you weep for that which once was.  Do you thirst for the living waters?  Is your thirst so overwhelming that you bow your head with heavy heart and hesitate to look into the shining light of the Sun?  Why are you neglecting your higher perfection?  Why are your eyes unseeing, ears plugged and voice silenced from pain and neglect?  I will tell you from my understanding.

You once lived as the perfection of a rose.  You once were as a crystal, pure and clear.  Due to arrogance and neglect you turned away and changed to carbon.  Now, you must work as an alchemist and return to your original, clear and pure crystal state of consciousness.  The transformation may feel difficult, the journey tiresome, but in truth it is not.  You have had a great master teacher showing you how to live in balance, wisdom and love. The man, Jesus, you call a Christ, was an example of ultimate perfection in form.  He experienced the same trials and tribulations as you and I.  There was one great difference in his demonstration.  He never forgot his perfect radiant eternal nature.  He remembered his true identity as perfection alive in form.  You and I will not fully know what the return of the Christ truly is until we allow our own inner radiance to unfold as a rose.  The same qualities that he easily demonstrated, we will do likewise.  We have a choice.  We can live as radiant perfection or a stunted neglected plant starving for care and withered by the darkness of a mistaken reality.

I ask you to come walk in the Sun with me.  It is time we allow the bright rays of the inner rose to heal our sorrows and quicken our growth.  Yes, the Christ in you and the Christ of me is the same pure essence that flowered in our elder brother, Jesus.

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