Tuesday, November 3, 2015


I have joyfully thought of God as a very personal companion, a confident, and a father in many ways.  There has been an occasional friend who has mentioned to me that thinking of God, as a father, is not easy as a result of their unpleasant associations with a physical father.  As humans, we personalize everything.  It is not always easy to grasp the Indescribable Sublime in our terms so we label or place some form on it.  For others, the image of a mother seems to satisfy the need to personalize our Source.   I view the mother image as the creative healing power of the Holy Spirit.  There is a loving and indefinable Presence both within and without.  Whatever helps us consciously connect to that which is limitless, loving and light filled, embrace it and make it your own.  There are no rights and wrongs in the area of devotion.  It is our authentic feelings that matter.  Feelings instill knowing.  Knowing is the comforter, healer and way shower.

Spirit, finely tuned intelligent energy, is our nature.  Pure love is spirit manifesting here in form.  Train yourself to listen to the intuitive voice.  It is spirit suggesting and offering to help us recover the eternal true self.  Often in the beginning reminder stages of our awakening we trustingly follow an intuitive suggestion hoping we will not fall flat on our face.  It is a trust issue and part of the maturing process as the guest, your personality, learns to accept the guidance of its host, the spirit within.   When we trust, spirit always comes through as victor.

We will never really know for ourselves how dearly we are loved unless we allow our faith and patience to be exercised.  When we focus on the truth of God living as us, the ego gradually lets go and grace steps in.  We become a magical presence and treasures do appear to us. Our lives may give an impression of good luck to others.  Luck really is not an apt description.  Blessings occur in many forms as a result of devotion, patience and willing service.  The grace that is given is devotion materialized.

Divine love, another description for God, is pure, whole, and all consuming.  It is the greatest of gifts.  Divine love far surpasses the worth of the most precious jewel.  It lights the way for us in matter where darkness often rules.  I feel that humans deep within desire to be loved, to freely offer love and be brave enough to live as a wide-awake child of God.  To reach our goal of conscious oneness, we must take the first step.  We may walk haltingly at first and perhaps stumble as all toddlers do.  Smile, dear friend, pick up the ego and continue to walk with courage and perseverance knowing that you have the emissaries of God, the greatest celestial support system in the universe at your side.   I know how it feels, the ups and the downs, the longing to satisfy and feed the hunger within.  What we can do is ask, listen and follow the intuitive impulses of the heart.

Ask for conscious union, the attracting and emanating of divine light and love.  There is no celestial power that will deny you.  It is up to you to ask.  How can you be refused?  Those of us who have visions of light find it much easier to believe.  Yet, in scripture it is mentioned that those who do not see are greater because of their faith.  If one can ascend in consciousness, all may do likewise.  What we are asking for is the god life that already exists as the hidden within.

I would like to share one of my earlier visions.  One evening during meditation, I joyfully watched with my spiritual sight two life-sized light energy beings.  Although they represented the masculine and feminine aspects of the divine self, they also had the etheric quality of butterflies.  They were waltzing a dance of love.  Totally free, the two merging as one radiated a deep blue color, the color of spirit.  You, dear friend, are the butterfly when you reawaken to the glorious radiant being that you inwardly are.  I recognize the truth of you.  Now, all you need to do is accept this great truth about your self.  We are one, each a spark here on earth doing our best to be godlike in or own imitable way. 


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