Saturday, November 14, 2015


It has been written by sages that as the Radiant Light of God increases the darkness does as well.  Some people believe God is punishing humanity but these dear people have not yet realized that it is our unloving thoughts and actions that create hell on earth.  False programming and harmful beliefs create manifestations of ugliness and suffering as much as pure thought and love create harmony and beauty.  We are co-creators.  Many people prefer not to accept the truth because truth can be very harsh.  We are capable of bringing Heaven to Earth but this will only happen according to the Light we expand within ourselves and choose to share with others.

As we recognize this truth and actually do something about living the Golden Rule, celestial beings assist.  Throughout my life interaction between angelic beings has proven to me over and over again that we are not alone.  There is another side to life that many humans experience…the influence of negative entities, souls who prefer the lower subtle realms.  Evil intelligence exists that constantly interacts with physical life and affairs.  As you think, you are.  What you eat you are.  Whatever substances that you put into your body to feel pleasure, you are.  What you think, feel and do attracts either heaven or hell into your life.  How can you be at peace and project goodness if you do not love your self or other life forms?  Yes, you will have assistance but the help may manifest in an insidious and controlling form that destroys. It all depends on you.  I mention the dark aspect because too many people pretend that evil does not exist.  As long as collective humanity is not enlightened nor lives what religious founders have suggested, pain and persecution rears its ugly head.

On the brighter side…the good and beautiful is always near at hand.  We attract according to our choices and choice creates our consciousness.  We can stop the negative by changing the mind.
Here is an amusing example of how Heaven helps out in a precarious situation.   I was comfortably bobbing up and down on Lake Michigan’s waves when the sky suddenly darkened.  My friend’s small sailboat was good for calm sailing but not really a comfortable place to be sitting in choppy waters.  The change in the weather conditions and not being a good swimmer would have been frightening if I had not a strong belief in celestial helpers.  The first thing I quietly did was to mentally command the sky to be clear at least until we could safely moor the boat.  I usually do not share subjects such as this  with people who do not resonate to the infinite possibilities available to those who believe. The owner of the boat did not understand or I should say is not interested in the use of Radiant Light.  The angels obviously heard my silent request because a large opening of blue sky shaped in a circle opened right above the boat.  It stayed with us until we reach the buoy.   Storm clouds were in evidence everywhere else. 

The way was cleared for us to anchor the boat.  When I stood up to climb from the sailboat to the rowboat, I was confronted with another challenge.  Although the circle of light in the sky remained clear, the water was choppy and I was fully dressed.  How was I going to get safely into the rowboat without slipping into the deep water?  Looking in back of me, I saw my friend standing behind the sail busily attempting to take it down.  He was occupied and not paying attention to my concerns.   I called on the same ‘helpers’ who created a circle of safety, a blue sky above us, and asked for help moving my body from the sailboat to the rowboat.  You would have been as stunned as I was if you had witnessed what happened next.  Quickly, like a blink of the eye, I was picked physically lifted and moved from one location and gently deposited into another location.   I looked to see if my friend had observed the intervention of the angels.  No, he was still busily occupied with the sail.  I was safe and dry in his rowboat comfortably bobbing in Lake Michigan waters and nary said a word.

The intention here is to clearly demonstrate how there is invisible intelligence both good and not so good that does interact with physical life.  Guard the gates of your senses and be wise.  There is help available and yet there is a huge difference in the quality of the help offered.  Negative entities don’t wait for you to contact them; they derive pleasure from manipulation.  Good intelligence is more likely to respond when we ask for help.  Obviously, matter can be manipulated.  This is a fascinating subject and one that we will return to again and again.

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