Saturday, November 21, 2015


The majority of humans are experiencing a personal hell whether they admit it or not.  Some speak of it and others only hint or are quietly desperate.  What they do not yet realize is that none of the manipulation, falsity, deprivation and fear needs to exist.  If people would only stop and be attentive to their feelings and ask what really is the cause of my concern and fear, perhaps genuine healing could take place. Look to cause. What is missing?

Church attendance only temporarily fills the void.   Volunteer work although needed and appreciated temporarily fills the void.  Attending groups, seminars and reading inspirational works only briefly fill the void.  Nothing lasts.  Why?  It is because most humans seek with the lesser part of the mind and do not use or understand that there is a higher part of the mind, the original mind that is a part of the One.  Beyond the mind, there is the spirit.  All meaningless words until you spiritually awaken.  People in general do not realize that they are holy. They do not understand that where they walk, sit or stand is holy ground.  It is not the personality that is holy, it is the spark of God that gives life temporarily using the mind, feeling nature and body of the human that is sacred. This may seem outrageous but it is an ancient truth that is being sorely neglected.  Because it is neglected, humanity experiences ongoing cycles of suffering.  If you realized, accepted and lived according to the light of your essence instead of the muddied waters of confusion and sense of separation, there would be no fear, lack or limitation.  Compassion would be the norm and not harmfulness.  Humanity has fallen again in consciousness and struggles for existence as a result of forgetfulness.  Without a clear understanding of your true spiritual identity, a vacillating human life and selfish deeds will eventually drown you in a state of misery.

The cause behind illness and the meanness of what is so widespread whether it is called terrorism or by another name are dysfunctional souls who haven't a clue as to what spiritual identity is and how to claim and live it.  The animals in many ways are more advanced than the behavior displayed by the greedy and unfeeling humans who seek personal power.   What was quietly recognized before is coming blatantly out into the open.  If the Light of God is ignored or dimmed to a great extent by false teachers, leaders and teachings, ignorance which is the darkness of ego rules.  Humanity is in the midst of ignorance.  To pretend otherwise is folly.  Nothing is, as it appears to be.

Yes, we wear different appearing bodies but all of us are kept alive by an inner light.  Fact: when spiritual light is diminished, ignorance rules.  This has nothing to do with education.  I am talking about the light of the Divine. All wars, disease and negative appearances in matter are caused by the increasing darkness snuffing out the light of wisdom and love.  The intellectuals are as guilty as the uneducated.    Spiritual ignorance is not measured by a degree or position according to society. Form often disguises and hides intention.

Wake up and realize that consciousness must be healed in order for bodies and souls to heal.  This includes the body of earth and all her life.  Time is of the essence.  What are you going to do about changing the tide of destruction?   How many million of years is it going to take for humanity to mature?    What manifests in future generations will be repetitive if there is not a large-scale awakening.   Horror is perpetuated in somebody name and as a result of inaction, your name and crime against purity and truth is written in the Book of Life.  Indifference is an act against life.  There are many good people who do not know what to do to help change the downward plunge into oblivion.

Begin by being responsible for your own thoughts and actions.  Strength is balance.  What is needed is the inner, quiet stillness of genuine love and recognition that you are in truth a spiritual being who has forgotten his identity and purpose.  Strength is integrity and does not compromise principle.  Make positive contributions in spite of disappointments, rejections and injuries.  Don’t allow the spiritually ignorant to rattle you.  The only way you can get past doubts and despair is to wake up to a higher reality.  Expand your light.  Light is the answer.  We have the strength to do great things.  Think of yourself as a strong, majestic tree that can comfortably bend with the wind.  The tree requires light.  So do you.  Become aware that radiant light is the substance of your being.  Educate yourself about the power of light and simultaneously expand, love and use it for your good and the good of all.     donations accepted   a cup I designed reminding us that we can be healed


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