Thursday, November 19, 2015


Try and remember what we once shared
The oneness and simplicity of an idea manifested
Try to forgive yourself for memories of old
Accept releasing them to ashes unknown.

If you have discovered your own Host, true spiritual identity, you have found the source of health, freedom, wisdom and love.  The Source is the health of its creation.  Health is our own divine birthright.  We must learn how to use the knowledge of truth to sustain the consciousness of health.  There is an omnipresent principle of health pervading all living things.  Real health is a state of mind and does not have to be manufactured in the without. Health is the very essence of being.  It is universal and enduring as its Source.

Disease is first in the mind and eventually it materializes in the physical body.  The mind is the active agent that controls the personality and the body.  To have thoughts that are negative and destructive corrodes the body.  True disease is a lack of spiritual knowledge, an ignorance of the universal law of harmony. When the essence of light is denied, the mind becomes filled with misconceptions and desires that destroy rather than build.  There is no one to blame for afflictions except one’s self.  Not allowing the inner life to be the primary force, negative energy tears down your body temple.  To rebuild your temple, you must transform thinking and establish a firm foundation through faith, understanding, discipline, patience and love. 

The Great Physician is interested in the awakening of minds.  When enlightenment occurs, the body will mend itself for the body demonstrates the consciousness of the individual.  The degree of your health is determined by thought power both past and present.  Heal your mind and understand that the divine is never sick a day.  In truth, you are the divine in disguise.  Faith opens the mind to the influx of a healing power.  Your faith must also be combined with knowledge and changes in habit. The change in consciousness and the change in habit will bring on what appears as a miracle.  By changing thinking and misdirected actions, you give support and build your faith.

There are three steps in every healing.  The first is to recognize truth as it is in principle. Second, hold the idea of balance in your mind and heart.  Third, acknowledge fulfillment of your request. Pray, believing that you have received and you will receive.  Cultivate these thoughts by considering them daily.  It is important that you closely monitor thoughts even more carefully than keeping harmful elements out of your food.  If you react with disappointment because your healing isn’t occurring as quickly as you want, you must be patient and exercise trust.  Look upon each setback as an opportunity to discipline the mind.  Practice faith and it will bring desired results.

Delays in healing are often caused by a strong subconscious resistance such as guilt that blocks a healing.  Some people also use illness to attract attention.  Others simply seek a rest from obligations.  The sick could be avoiding a situation and use the affliction as an excuse. Once healed, the recipient must do his best not to return to former negative thinking or habit patterns.  One reason some people do not sustain a healing is that the specific emotional root cause of the sickness has not been discovered.  A healing can be sudden or gradual.  It can be spiritual or physical or both. If a healing does not occur, perhaps there is something not yet learned by the afflicted.   For a few people a healing doesn’t occur because on a deeper level they are ready to make their transition from the physical world.

To be healed it is very important to live in a home and work environment that is harmonious.  A complete healing is difficult to sustain if there is an environment of hate, fear, stress, and disbelief including unhappy relationships.  You would need to be a mastermind, detached from the negative mindset and the ongoing stress to remain stable in an unstable environment. ...I designed a loving cup as a gift for self or another

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