Sunday, November 15, 2015


Open your heart and allow my radiant splendor to spill forth
It is I
Open your mind and allow my wisdom to impress your memory
It is I
Open your hand and allow my power to permeate your being
It is I

We who genuinely care for all life are continually being stunned by the darkness that continues to surface in the minds and acts of human beings.  Because of the greed, ongoing horrific acts and the inability of many souls not able to comprehend and live the tenants of their particular religion, humanity appears as a shameful experiment. Looking at the soul progress of humanity as a whole, it appears as a failure.  Wars, floods, famines, earth changes, and any other form of what is humanly judged as a negative manifestation has not encouraged a desire to awaken the collective consciousness.  Technology often turns a soul away from the sensitivity of a spiritual life.  Nothing outwardly really works.  Maturity is an inside change.

What happens in the world of men is a direct result of consciousness.  The outer experience is the result of the inner state of consciousness.  I am not talking about the common power and wealth sought by the unenlightened. There is an inner power and wealth that is enduring. To understand and secure this treasure, we must first establish a foundation where we have achieved balance in our physical and emotional life.  If balance is not firmly in place, to understand and fully live the knowledge I am sharing is out of the question.

The Taoists teach about the two minds.  There is the true host, the mind of the eternal spirit, the silent pure essence that enters form.  The other mind is the guest host, the temporary personality-feeling mind that man commonly uses.  Although the common guest host is the dominant mind in humanity, the true host can enter and exit thoughts, feelings, moods and personalities as will.  Our hope is established through the awakening of the true mind that is not controlled by the contents of conditioned states of consciousness. Mind is the pivot of all acts and events.  If more of us would search out the host behind the scenes, life on earth could be likened to heaven.  There are unexpected times when we return to the light of the host or original mind that may surprise you.

Humans generally appear ordinary.  This is the case because they have alienated themselves from contact with the host, the divine mind.  The greater our conscious connection to our original mind the less we are adversely affected by the shifting moods and personalities of the common guest mind. I know we have two conscious minds and the ability to switch from one to the other.  This means awareness of both our ordinary consciousness and the entering and using another state of being simultaneously.  A simple example was my consciously stepping out of my body as it lay in bed.  My light body and host mind turned toward the physical body and its ordinary mind and poked the physical body.  I was conscious in the physical body and was aware of being poked.  I was also conscious in my light body, thinking and fully aware of the fact that I was poking my temporary human form relaxed in bed.

Another example of being in two places simultaneously but consciously using different levels of the mind was my visit to India.  I had just sat down in the living room and immediately realized I was traveling through space to India.  I was walking midst beautiful structures that were unfamiliar.  Being consciously awake both in the living room chair and standing outside the structures, I asked a passerby what was the name of the structures.  He told me that they were stupas.  A stupa is essentially made up of five constituents: a square base, a hemispherical dome, a conical spire, a crescent moon, and a circular disc.  Each of these components is rich in metaphoric content and is identified with one of the five cosmic elements said to make up the entire manifested existence. These are earth, water, fire, air and space.  I thoroughly enjoyed the journey of my host mind and wrote a slim book, The Three Persuasions –A Tale for Inquisitive Souls as a result of the direct experience. The book is a fairy tale sharing a unicorn’s teaching of the true nature of Reality with Princess Shree. A mind travel such as the experience of the real self provides an opening for us to experience a purity and freedom sadly missing in the ordinary consciousness of the common mind.

It is collective humanities alienation from conscious contact with the higher divine mind, host that has deprived collective consciousness the experience of a higher enlightenment right in the midst of the mundane world.  When more of us access our higher host mind, we will create a world of peace rather than the troubled sea of today’s world.

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