Saturday, November 28, 2015


There is something important I must say.  It must be said because it is long overdue and of such importance that it cannot be ignored.  Through the millennium people have claimed they love God, want to be of service and yet they put on righteous behavior and false posturing.  The posturing is not always detected and many followers are fooled by the pretension and words of their leaders.

Truth has been twisted and distorted to such an extent that the majority of souls haven’t gained any real sense of what is and what is not.  Discernment is missing.   There are genuine souls who both struggle and desire to be of service that are ignored.  Often, it is because they lack the charisma, power or money that is expected of a leader.  To say this delicately is not easy nor is it stretching truth to say that many people mouth a doctrine but in their private thoughts and actions are deceptively negligent and do nothing of real importance to help heal themselves or others.

To provide proof of a true belief one must live it whether they are alone with themselves or in the midst of others.  If a belief harms any one can it truly be considered a means to enhance life and encourage a soul to live in peace and brotherhood?   For lifetimes upon lifetimes souls have entered bodies only to repeat the same stupidity and ignorance conveniently forgetting their purpose in being born into the flesh.  Sleep is normally not lost over the huge discrepancies found in the messages of an unenlightened consciousness nor the glossy words and behavior of a self styled leader.  The masses are easily impressed by falsity, pomp and circumstance and not the simple acts of kindness and care.

This may sound harsh but if you take it to heart you will quietly admit to yourself that humanity has not done that well for itself during its sojourn here on earth.  The experiment as some call life has appeared to regress over and over after a few brief gains that spur the soul forward only to be stopped by those who seek self-aggrandizement.  If you are going to stand for a cause…live it and just don’t write, excite and preach about it.  Be a living example whether it provides you with comfort and the luxuries you desire or not.  Live selflessly.

To have comfort and luxuries and not share them in some way with those less fortunate demonstrates a lack of authenticity, stability and an emptiness regarding the purpose of life.  To deny another the freedom to live in peace and enforce upon them your judgments is not being a loving soul.  It is ignorance of the worst kind.  Time is passing and another cycle has ended and there is not hope in sight for many who grieve and are deprived of the simple comforts of life.  If you speak of the light and do not share the light of understanding and heartfelt goodness, you are a hypocrite and a shameless soul who does not know what the essence of true love and purity means.  Nice words won’t do it anymore.  You cannot have peace on earth unless you are the genuine article yourself.  You must be the proof of a teaching, religion or whatever name you choose to give your understanding.  Deception has thrived on earth in the minds of men before and it continues now.  Isn’t it time those who know the higher meaning of life and love stand up and make a meaningful difference? 

You may not lose sleep over what I have expressed but I felt compelled to share my feelings.  I am ashamed of what humans do to one another and to the simpler forms of life and our precious earth.  It is time we spiritually awaken in large numbers and demonstrate the qualities of a true son and daughter of a Source we call God.  God cannot be explained.  It simply is.  What humans can do is to be genuinely determined to live what the teachers of old have demonstrated.  Why not choose to bring alive their words and sacrifices making the human experience a reality that exudes love, forgiveness, beauty, compassion and authenticity?  Instead of being lead by fools, isn’t it time that people be led by their hearts?  To be successful…you will need to spiritually awaken and be the proof of what you mouth so easily and deny in action.   Donations accepted   A cup I designed to remind us of healing

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  1. Thank you doesn't seem to describe how truely grateful that you have perfectly expressed our human condition n conditioning that has largely gone unnoticed n ignored for millenniums. I feel the same sence of dispare n urgency in these times to wake up humanity to this trueth.. You have spoken what my heart crys out to the world n I pray its not only heard but felt deeply n hence moving us forward in our unity n ascension. Much love n light to you my dear Beautiful Soul