Wednesday, September 21, 2016


I do not believe that we are robots in a simulation as depicted by some thinkers but rather a too frequent consciousness that is manifesting robotic energy.   The idea that we may be part of a grand illusion 'game' is a very serious possibility.  Anything is possible.  We realize that subtle programming is constantly being broadcast over the 'airwaves'.

People are mesmerized by the media, church, the medical profession, government and influential individuals.  If we fail to think for ourselves, be mindful, self-observant, use discernment then it becomes easier for insidious programming to seep into the minds and hearts of the unsuspecting.

How many people actual guard the 'gate of the five senses' and pay close attention to their own thoughts, words, and actions?  Humanity as a whole appears reactionary and appearance wise does give the impression that the many are living in a robotic way.

A laziness of the mind creates the repetitive pattern of advancement or decline and another advancement of  newly created civilizations.   I can see why someone who likes to play with ideas and the infinite possibilities not yet discovered could believe we are all part of a huge mind game.

To make it worse, spiritual leaders commonly teach that humans are on earth to evolve through ongoing acts of suffering.  Suffering is the 'how to be liberated' motto in many Eastern and Western teachings.  What are soul/minds evolving toward?  According to some 'enlightened' men, it is toward annihilation of the form into no form...oneness with a God that few understand.  What exactly does this teaching mean?  The leaders usually avoid explanation.  How can anyone explain God/Source/Creator?

What are intelligent units of light/mind/soul suppose to be actually experiencing and achieving in duality? According to religious teachers, conquering and being who really are as souls imprisoned in flesh and eventually returning to the mental/spiritual state of Oneness is the obvious answer.  In Oneness, they teach that there is no suffering and we have a choice as to whether we want to return to the 'game' which great Indian teachers refer to as a 'play in consciousness' or remain in the planes of bliss whatever they may be.

If humans are actors on a stage called earth or some other planet for that matter and the idea is to awaken to a higher Reality and get out of the game, not too many 'master' teachers spell out what the 'getting' out of the game actually means.  If non-playing means losing personal identity or actually retaining a sense of identity is usually not discussed.  In one of my books, The Three Persuasions, I do discuss this question from firsthand experience.  The gist being that we continue in consciousness fully aware of our true identity but finally free from the ignorance/nonsense of the deluded.  In other words, we stop  being robotic.  How we continue from the point of Pure Awareness is up to us.

One way to look at mastery while living in a food body is to be in total control of the 'game'.  I don't believe there are rules such as we must incarnate, suffer, experience lack or limitation unless we choose to for our own peculiar reasons.  Some may judge themselves harshly and feel it necessary to suffer for awhile to perhaps learn compassion in order to better relate to others who like to play in the unenlightened areas of consciousness.  Remember, we have individual will which is indicative of the power to choose.

Observing humanity, it does appear that collectively we are becoming more and more robotic in our responses.  At the same time, there are also many of us who actually do think for ourselves and bravely speak out.   I find it interesting how the media bends over backwards to ignore those who actually have a conscience and hold a sincere reverence for life.

I view mastery as being a master in your own mind and in total control of the 'game'. Mimicking robots are not the answer.  Must we really incarnate, suffer, experience lack, loss or limitation unless we choose to?   During one of my recent meditative workshops, I said to the participants, "Don't be played.  Be a player."  After speaking those particular words, the CD player stopped working for the rest of the evening.  Instead of music, we had Silence.


Shirlee Hall

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