Monday, September 14, 2015


Taking classes and earning certificates is not enough.  Book knowledge helps with the 
basics providing an outline for action but something very important is best given priority first.  This doesn’t mean you cannot be a spiritual or natural healer until you do x, y and z but it certainly makes your offering far more powerful.  Looking at the example of the truly awakened teachers of the past and present is the clue.  What did or do they reveal as consciousness? They have developed through a combination of faith and science a consistent higher awareness of Reality.

To back up for a moment…   perhaps, you wonder if the light body is viewed with the physical senses, the spiritual senses or with the eyes opened or closed.  If you were to be examined using advanced technology, the senses would not be detected inside your physical body.  The senses are in a ‘field’ surrounding your physical body.  Both the conscious mind and the other levels of mind tap into the ‘field’.   As with all parts of creative energy, there are levels of physical matter as well as spiritual matter.  When we ‘see’ on the level of light, we are using the senses, spiritual matter of sight.  Because the physical eyes are not being used to view the higher dimensions it matters not whether they are open or closed.

We bring ‘heaven on earth’ as we consciously awaken our light body while imprisoned in form.  Eastern teachings emphasize seven major, interrelated bodies that are also described as energy fields.  Simply said, there are layers, different frequency vibrations emanating from your physical, emotional and mental fields that will refine and align with your higher layers of light.  Enlightened humans have successfully made a connection between all aspects of both visible and invisible intelligent energy.  The ideal is to evolve physically, mentally and emotionally to a higher degree visibly and tangibly right here in matter.  Where we stand actually becomes ‘holy’ ground.

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