Saturday, September 12, 2015


Since ancient times we have been told we have a spiritual body.  In the 1970’s, Kirlian photography was popularly used to display the light-energy emitting from any form in matter. Because it had variances and scientifically didn’t match the standards of experimentation, the truth of our light-energy isn’t as popularly discussed as it once was. People continue to have brief glimpses, a clairvoyant revelation, particularly in healing or meditative experiences.  What I am talking about is grander than an aura.  It is actually a spiritual body of light, perfect, that existed prior to our descending into matter.

Many of us ‘see’ the subtle planes of light spontaneously although we don’t usually talk about it.  An endearing personal example was the time my one son was ill and regardless of the doctor visit and medicine he was taking remained ill.  I remember sitting at my desk frustrated with his ongoing weakness.  A telepathic thought came to me that sounded outlandish.  The words were, “Go to his room and demand he get out of bed and be well”.  It sounded Biblical to me but, this is the important part; I did not question the suggestion.  I immediately ran to his darkened room, stood by his bunk beds and commanded him to stand up and be well.

He obeyed.  Two things happened simultaneously.  One, He said all the illness was draining out of his body and going through his feet and floor.  Two, as he stood, he reached his young skinny arms out to me.  In shock, I witnessed his physical body and simultaneously a body of light, fully adult sized reaching out toward me.  His very large and perfect spiritual body surrounded his young and short physical body.  He was healed instantly.  His first response was to run downstairs to the kitchen and eat a bowl of cereal.
This is only one of many personal experiences.  Many people I know can also testify to the truth of their unexpected glimpses of another reality and their existence as eternal beings.

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