Sunday, September 6, 2015


The following brief meditation was published in my first book, Circle of Light, 1982…
In Joy, Shirlee

                                                       AN AFFIRMATION OF FAITH
I am becoming humanly what I am spiritually
My body is a temple for my soul
It is my church, perfect in its wholeness
I am the priest and my heart is the alter
My life is one of love and service toward life

I am becoming humanly what I am spiritually
I recognize that it is I who transforms the physical nature into spiritual strength through thought and desire
I recognize that there exists universal harmony and I am an integral part of the Whole
I accept loving grace, wisdom and compassion as my reality and thus my physical body becomes a sacred temple for the spirit of love to dwell
In humility and gratitude I behold my mind and body as perfect form energized by the light of truth

I am becoming humanly what I am spiritually
In trust and faith I live knowing the love of our Creator
As I walk in the newness of life, I offer my soul, mind and body to a grander frequency of spirit awareness
As I grow stronger each day basking in Purity and Presence, I offer my heartfelt gratitude for the unceasing blessings
I truly know that God is All-Embracing Love and thus we are destined to be humanly what we are spiritually

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