Wednesday, September 2, 2015


I have come to the conclusion that many of us who have accomplished a visible-tangible correction healing involved with the physical body have chosen to handle it in a scientific way.  A goal is determined and deliberate steps are taken to achieve that goal.  The steps include making a decision to change something that is unbalanced.  It is understood that behind matter is energy and that every created 'thing' was first imagined in the realm of mind and directed by the power of light. It is light energy that holds matter together.  Understanding this process is one way to acknowledge that determined thought deliberately guiding light energy can actually move and restore matter into a balanced state.  This sounds cold and dry but is actually a fact.  The process is simply another form of science and the science is the use of wisdom.

At the same time, a complete transformation of something dis-eased or distorted can be totally corrected through love and faith, which are a warmer form of science.  There are no limits to what can be accomplished in matter because matter can be manipulated.  Everything that I share is the result of firsthand experiences.  What began my journey in the realm of wisdom science, which is often referred to as miracles, is a choice that I made on my own body.  I had had surgery on my lower abdomen.  A week later, I began to experience pain, a high fever, swelling in the area of the six inch long stitches and red streaks marking the skin.  A very serious infection had developed that needed to be reopened, cleansed and sealed again.  It was morning.  I had just fed the baby his 10:00 AM feeding.  I knew an ambulance should be called.  Instead, I went back to bed and surrendered my life to a higher power.  My favorite name for the power is the Holy Spirit.

I obviously fell unconscious as I lay alone in bed.  An hour passed.  When I regained consciousness, the pain, swelling, red streaks and fever were gone.  In its place were two openings placed neatly at each end of the six inches of stitches.  The infection had drained.  In wonder, I got up, found rubbing alcohol, cleaned the incision and slapped on a very large bandage.  A firm decision coupled with faith took care of an emergency situation.  I am not recommending you do likewise in an emergency.  Evidently, I had the 'right' state of mind nurtured by an unswerving love for the Holy Spirit and surrender to a higher Power worked for me.  The dramatic choice and the subsequent result changed my life forever.

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