Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Two very close friends of mine lost a father and a husband respectfully in the past month.  Although appearance of loved ones who have past is a common occurrence, we always enjoy hearing more proof that they continue to live.  The first woman shares her story regarding a very special ninety-five year old father.  At our last Sacred Healing Meditative Breath Workshop, he appeared to her.  This is what she had to say…

“My dad, who wore a brace his whole life because of polio, and who was lucid and sharp at ninety-five, passed on September 2nd.  On the 18th, at Sacred Breath Workshop, I made sure I was warm and comfortable as I lay down.  I closed my eyes and focused on my breath.  To my delight, my handsome dad appeared with his youthful black hair and pearly white teeth.  He kicked his heels together.  I could feel his presence at my right side.  I felt a deep peace and a heavenly joy.”

The second friend’s story is about her husband, Don, a Native American, and a Cherokee Memorial Service held at the medicine wheel on their property.
“We were married almost 42 years.  Through the years, though not born Native American, I became very interested in the Native philosophy, studied and adopted it for myself as it so fit my own beliefs and spirituality.  We both love animals and nature, and eventually bought sixteen acres of land out in the country.  We had already rescued several cats and dogs, too.  Our lives were spent loving the land, animals and the trees and flowers we planted.  We also created trails through the nine acres of woods in back of the house.

Don experienced two serious strokes over a period of years. It was his time to leave earth.  He passed here on our property the land he bought and loved so much surrounded by his dogs, cats, favorite people, my granddaughter and me.   We had decided on cremation.  Thanks to a Cherokee prayer I read, I planned Don’s memorial.  According to Sun Bears instructions, we had built a Medicine Wheel several years ago. It is at the Medicine Wheel we planned his memorial.   The prayer said, “Find your path and fill it with flowers”.  I bought flowers and we filled the Eastern path to the Wheel with them.  Since our cat, Angelo, died only eleven days after Don, I decided to honor him as well.  Moxie, another cat had passed a few months before.  We put Don’s picture by his stone on the wheel surrounded by flowers and pictures of Angelo and Moxie at their stones with flowers.  Family and friends each held a candle.  We circled the wheel.  I read the same prayer and a poem Don had written.  All of us shared stories about Don and the cats.  We felt their presence.  I was aware of Don being with us and enjoying himself.  He looked young and acted comical and healthy again.  The cats, too, were young, playful and healthy.  It was quite lovely.  Everyone spent the rest of the day visiting the wheel.  Don was in the Butterfly Clan.  Butterflies were all over the place.   Everything was simple and unique.  Don’s spirit stayed around for days.  Knowing he is fine and happy makes me happy, too".

The dead living as spiritual matter are playful because they are usually more alive and beautiful than they were in physical matter.  In reality, there is no death.


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