Thursday, September 24, 2015


Speaking from experience, the journey is about remembering our spiritual identity and increasing faith.  The limited personality is like a huge wall creating a false sense of separation from our spiritual Self.  Why not break down the wall?  God speaks to everyone, not only the messengers and teachers we have read about.  Be courageous and remove the wall and identify with your eternal light Self.  You can still have the good things in life, but now there is a difference.  They do not blind you.  Your eyes are wide open.

If you are actually reading my words, you understand like I do that a common madness in the world has dominated for thousands of years.  It is selfishness and spiritual blindness.  All the things that man desires and thinks beautiful must be sought and developed within instead of typically looking for them outside of self.  Although organized religions speak of loving God and respecting one’s neighbor, the pain continues.  Collective humanity just doesn’t get it.  Spiritually alive souls have a genuine reverence for life.  I know that some of you do not have anyone to talk to regarding feelings of brotherhood, kindness and a lasting level of healing. I was in that position for many years.  Perhaps, you keep a diary or simply write stories about your concern for earth and her life placing the papers secretly under the bed.  We act that way when there are no people in our life who understand the feelings of the heart.   Be of good courage.  We have found one another.

It is time for collective humanity to move forward and consciously receive more celestial Light into their force fields.  The greater the power of compassion and unconditional love, the stronger individual light is.  Many of us are concerned with global changes.  Besides solutions being scientifically offered, we can contribute in a grander way by increasing our own light.  In other words, earth and her life can be helped both through scientific and spiritual actions.  Let us together bring in more of the Divine Light integrating it with matter.  More light and intensity means more creative power and creative power is feminine and manifests Light.  Allow yourself to be the real power that you are.  We can do this…

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