Thursday, September 10, 2015


I have a lifetime of gems to share.  The intent of this format is to present the jewels to you simply with a conscious authority that arises from an ongoing intimacy with the Divine.  There are many views to consider.  As an example, the following words may sound ‘foreign’ to you.  Looking at healing from a different view is challenging but can fling the door open in rather remarkable ways.  Imagine something is disrupted in your physical body.  You begin to talk about it.  A possible lie or temporary distraction is set in motion as a truth.  Next, you hear a suggestion from a family member or friend.  Your mind gets excited, fear takes possession and voila, a phenomenon is produced.  You become concerned and make a doctor’s appointment. The doctor asks you to describe the problem.  You tell him and he gives your problem a name.  Now, you are really disturbed.   Your mind is focused on his comments and fear begins to solidify the disturbance in your body.

Could it be that various beliefs and opinions of the world actually make people sick?  A good example is the flu season.  Who created the flu season?  Who said you will likely experience several colds each year?  Statements like this are false beliefs and opinions.  Do you really need a flu shot?  I tell myself that I don’t need to experience a cold, flu or a shot and nothing nasty materializes.   If you cause the mind to be confused by psychological disturbances, you will have negative effects.   We really need to watch our words and also pay close attention to the language other people direct toward us, particularly authority figures.  Excitement, fear and opinions usually obliterate wisdom.

I also find it interesting that we are told in scripture not to take any thought of what we shall eat or drink because it doesn’t have as much to do with our health as we may think.  It is our patterns, thoughts and what comes out of the mouth that harms our health.   Perhaps, we need to prove the science of wisdom and correct our opinions in order to change our health.

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