Thursday, September 17, 2015


When we can’t stand a situation, some of us pretend it doesn’t exist. There is a huge difference between pretence and denial.  Denial is a private attitude.  Pretence is a public façade.   I can see why we assume both attitudes.  It is one way to protect ourselves from other people’s beliefs and opinions until we get our own act together.

Remember, the more you focus on a negative the more the energy expands.  Do you want that?  No!   Instead, use your mind in a scientific, which means wisdom in this case, way and take steps to change it.   Since all changes occur in the mind first, analyze how you can expand your understanding and reprogram your attitude, cells, lifestyle and whatever else needs to be examined to manifest health and abundance instead of the worrisome state you find yourself in.

I’ve been told on different occasions that a situation was impossible to correct.  Lately, it was a very dramatic one that would have totally changed my environment into a negative and downhill spiral.  I refused to listen to negative opinions and stayed firm in my belief that the universe would provide exactly what I needed in the situation.  Against all odds, I won.  I found it surprising that some of the authority figures involved were not more encouraging.  Perhaps, I expected too much from them.  

Victory on all levels is what actually happened.  Never flaunting my trust in their face, I simply knew  that the universe had my ‘back’, so to speak.   This is one way to live our faith.  Stay true to our inner understanding.  It is far more powerful than any intellectual exercise or legal document.   Some of us appear as very private people out of necessity.  There are things we need to keep to ourselves or at least minimize what we share with people who are eager to give opinions that only create fear and doubt.  Faith does move mountains in a very unique and kindly way.  We can always wax eloquently about how we believe.  The truth surfaces when the darkness appears.  The truth is the substance at the core of your being.  That substance is Light.  Are you going to trust its power and presence?

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