Sunday, September 27, 2015


I’ve come to the conclusion we are.  The ‘scientist’ can be three years old or one hundred and three.  There already exists an established ‘something’ that he or she knows will work.  The energy will work, that is, if the ‘patient’ does not reject it on some level.  Rejection is common particularly if the receiver feels guilt and a low sense of self-esteem.  This is not implying that to heal you must consciously feel worthy but it does help.  So, where does this understanding and confidence come from?  I feel the natural healer earned and developed the ability to share a wisdom and love energy power through past choices.  In other words, the natural ability has everything to do with an established consciousness, an inner understanding of true identity, the soul, and the Field that nourishes it.

Since I never studied the subject or had a wisdom teacher to demonstrate this subject, I can only describe what I know works for me.  I’ve read many books but they came after the fact.  Reality is that I have an easy access to an awesome energy that transforms physical and material matter.  I don’t feel that the healing power is a gift either. No one can teach us faith.  Faith is a power that each soul eventually develops as consciousness evolves.  Certain powers manifest in an individual as a result of previous attained awareness and a compassionate love for life.

I don’t go through any rigmarole.   The Field mentioned is an individual’s perfect pattern comprising the eternal spiritual body.  The temporary physical body exists within that perfect pattern, the Field.   The senses, feeling nature and mind also exist in that Field. They are spiritual matter, not physical matter.   As we awaken to our true identity as an individual and intelligent light soul, the Field expands, intensifies and the powers begin to show themselves.  This has nothing to do with an outside temple, mosque or church.  It is an indicator of your consciousness and what the real you has chosen to demonstrate here in physical matter.  In my first book, Circle of Light, which I plan to revisit and eventually republish, there is a poem therein titled “I am Becoming Humanly What I am Spiritually”.   The poem describes the physical body as a temple, the heart as an alter and the soul as the priest.   As the daily desserts are offered, I will attempt to describe what being a genuine scientist means to me.  Yes, daily desserts may be a light hearted way in describing the daily offerings but you will come around to wanting to taste more and demonstrate it your self.


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