Tuesday, September 8, 2015


If we were warned about a possible negative incident, I wouldn’t label it as karma. Warnings can be a way of softening an experience that could be categorized as a karmic debt.   Literally everything that has happened to us past and present is stored in the subconscious.  A past association or person is easily triggered in the present.  Have you ever met someone physically for the first time and been repelled?  Something about that person’s energy triggers either a past association with them or someone similar that was very unpleasant.  When it shows up again in current time, examine your reaction.  What have you learned from the energy presenting itself?  It simply could be that you never want it in your life again.  Or perhaps, forgive it not knowing why forgiveness is necessary.

It is always prudent to analyze a strong reaction because something obviously triggered it that may need to be healed.   The appearance and your current reaction could also be to show you just the opposite.  Although the memory surfaced, the energy could already be healed.   What we judge as a ‘bad’ experience can be viewed as a reminder of what we no longer wish in our life.  Just because you are being observant and maturing doesn’t mean that others around you are changing as well.  The idea is to be aware at all times of your reactions.  Emotional responses reveal a soul history.  Awareness will help you change harmful patterns including feelings regarding karmic debt.  There are many ways of looking at a situation.  Intention is a vital component in what we do or do not do.

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