Sunday, September 13, 2015


Ever since I can remember the light body has been displaying itself to me through people, various life forms and inanimate objects.   Hindu, Buddhist, Taoist and other traditions frequently refer to the light body as the subtle body.  It is a radiant structure.  In the 1980’s and 1990’s I would often give workshops and lectures on the light bodies existence.  At first, I had assumed everyone saw the real body.   We do not need to be praying or meditating to view a finer dimension or frequency.   If we happen to be clairvoyant, viewing the indestructible body comes easily.

A dark environment is not required.  The subtle light body exists regardless of place, person or thing.  A few examples:  A solicitor rang my doorbell.  When I opened the door, a woman stood waiting to talk to me.  Her light body was brightly glowing in clear daylight. I found that interesting. The sun shining brightly did not diminish the woman’s personal radiance as far as visibility.  Once when a friend was visiting our home, she chose a chair in front of a full-length wall mirror.  I sat opposite of her.  I could see her reflection in the mirror but I also saw her light body sitting in the identical position next to her and its reflection in the mirror.  There doesn’t seem to be any restrictions on how the light body presents itself. 

I’ve noticed that when a person is highly emotional the light body may expand and the colors rapidly change.  It is fascinating watching the intensity of the display.  There are other times when sitting in an auditorium that I’ve noticed some people don’t appear to have a light body.  They do because it is their life force but it is diminished for one reason or another.  Other occasions when looking at a person in front of me the light body is so bright and large that the energy is actually overflowing and covering the surrounding people.

Everything has a light body.  I particularly am impressed observing the exuberant ascent of the brilliant form when a living creature takes her or his last breath.  It is quite beautiful.  The most recent one I was blessed to view was my guinea pig Taffy.  She was so bright and alive.  When Chickee, our canary, died his light body was ecstatically demonstrative. His brilliancy flew joyfully all around me.  He was more alive in his subtle body than his caged physical form.  The appearance of the true body often displays a playfulness and beauty clearly demonstrating that life continues in a joyful way.  It is a genuine freedom most souls do not experience when using a physical form.  I am very thankful for this view and to be able to share it with you.  The light body is not a mythological archetype drenched with symbolic meaning.  It exists as you and me in our everyday world with as much reality as the physical organism.  There are times when I look at another and view the divine energy form shining so brightly that I do wish the other could also view his or her own magnificent beauty.  Trust in what I am sharing so openly with you.  You are radiant light.

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