Saturday, September 26, 2015


Last time, I shared a firsthand experience touching on suicide and unfulfilled wishes often experienced by those who vacate the body in great anguish.  I do wish to add at this time that there have been other such cases that have appeared to me asking to notify their physical relatives that they are truly sorry for an impulsive act that has caused so many people, including the departed, pain.  The personality, senses and mind temporarily remain with the soul in the afterlife until adjustments and understanding are thoroughly made and a return to a fresh life is determined.  An example of the afterthought of sorrow was the young father-husband of my daughter’s friend.  He took his life and left chaos only to find that his personal feelings continued regardless of what realm he happened to be vibrating in.

Not everyone who ‘crosses over’ asks forgiveness or is gentle in their personal behavior toward surviving relatives or friends.  There have been countless ‘pranks’ written and stories told about the mischief and evil activities that can come from earthbound souls attacking humans.  I had never heard any one mention the type of manipulation that went on between two sisters, one alive and the other deceased.   A young woman was brought to our home that actually smelled of death.  She was anorexic.

The ‘dead’ sister was attempting to influence the living sister to stop eating and join her on the other side.  Until that moment, the plan was working.  I scolded the departed sister about moral issues and that it was time for her to leave her physical sister alone and move onward into a new life for herself.  I also called reinforcements, angels, to come and remove the lingering earthbound soul.

Celestial help and the Holy Spirit stepped in and everything was corrected.  Once the young woman became free of the attachment and influence of her deceased sister, her health rapidly improved.  The debilitating experience changed her consciousness.  She decided to help herself and others.  The young woman enrolled in courses of study that would provide education and treatment for ongoing health, diet and enhancing her sense of self-esteem.

I do wish to add that none of us are immune to evil energy.  We must be on alert.  One powerful personal experience happened to me a few years back when I ignored a morning warning vision about a possible injury to my body and another reminder while sitting at the breakfast table.  When I stood up from the table, I felt an intense invisible force directed toward me.  My body was thrown to the ground and hip fractured.  It was a very painful lesson regarding paying close attention particularly to warnings from our invisible friends of light and love.  I never did find out why someone or something decided to harm me.  What I did realize is that I had not respected the warning and a serious injury materialized.

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