Wednesday, September 16, 2015


If you have not experienced a ‘Light Body’, I can understand how confusion can arise observing the fierce competition that exists in the spiritual marketplace.  Humans typically take what is simple and create traditions, systems, approaches, strategies and exercises to achieve what a genuine faith and love would manifest if the ego got out of the way.  Hopefully, I will not sound too sacrilegious to your way of thinking.  When you come right down to it, understanding has little to do with thinking.  It is more directly experienced through ‘being’.

A tremendous commitment and effort is required if you really strive to be a liberated human being.  You will be ‘fighting’ the establishment, the rituals of old, the conditioning and fears pounded into consciousness by man since the beginning of time.  Until you are ready to surrender basically to your true self, aligning the energy centers or working with interconnections will eventually get you to the place in consciousness where your surrounding field of light is expanding and purifying.  I personally resonate to the mystical path emphasizing love.  The Christians, Moslem and Hindus encourage devotion accompanied by obedience. Cultivating the heart is a genuine love affair for many of us.  I quarrel with the obedience part of the equation.  To me, the greatest quarrel is with resistance to the reality of our true identity as spirit temporarily using matter. Once realization begins to impact the personality, the intention is cooperation and not

Many souls emphasize mind control such as in the Kabbala, Raja Yoga, Zen Buddhism and various tantric visualization practices.  I agree with them that we must make an effort to control, guide and in some cases eliminate thoughts.   The purpose behind many traditions is to also deliberately open the energy centers.  Some teach training the mind to lift the energy from the base of the spine to the head.  Others, like myself, figure why bother with that exercise.  Instead, be love and willingly open your heart and mind in trust to the Light allowing it to pour downward through the crown embracing your entire field of physical, emotion, and mental and spiritual expression.  Perhaps, I am nonchalant about this process because the Divine Wisdom, the Holy Spirit energy, has been a personal companion since a child sitting on the carpet playing with dolls.

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