Tuesday, September 29, 2015


I mentioned to you previously that outward prayers usually are not said when I consciously connect with someone who asks to experience the holy expansiveness of the heart.  They are not spoken because the energy is one of opening and expansion of the sacred flower.  It is a love affair that is beyond the common words of man.  A conscious connection naturally occurs that for the purpose of practical understanding is beautifully illustrated in the geometrical shape and symbolism of the Flower of Life.    The Flower of Life symbol has far reaching significance regarding higher dimensions, our body, the breath of life, our galaxy, universe and the cosmos.  The ancient symbol is found in manuscripts, temples and art throughout cultures around the world.

It is a very helpful to have a visual when attempting to describe the sacred field that I feel comfortably attuned with as the creation circle.  On a practical level, even Leonardo da Vinci studied the life form and its mathematical properties.   Since the Flower of Life depicts the fundamental forms of space and time, the basic record of information of all living things and is a visual expression of the connections of life that run through everything, it is sacred and perfectly symbolizes Oneness with our Sacred Heart Center.   During a healing session, it is the Flower opening and expanding that allows us to feel the wisdom and compassionate love in all life, earth and Heaven, the Source of our being and with our Divine God Self.

As you already know, I do not write or talk about something of this nature unless it has been and is a firsthand experience.  Your physical body is actually ‘sitting’ within an eternal and perfect pattern of a spiritual body.  The two expressions of you exist in your own Flower of Life.  Yes, very true.  Every soul incarnated, every life form has a Flower of Life.  It is not identical in intensity or size because its power and presence appears to be determined by the level of conscious awareness.  The Field is the Flower of Life, the One Source.  Intellectually expressed, it is the initial split off cells of our Creator…the beginning of our individual creation.

I have consciously seen and walked around my own Flower of Life visibly as a tangible wide-awake physical experience. It just happened.  I wasn’t thinking about it or aware beforehand of its patterns.   It exists.  I know this as a fact.  It is the real life.  You have it.  I have it.  It is huge!   It is composed of silvery-white flower patterns and circles.   I have also walked in it when the hexagonal pattern is a stunning rose color.  This is the Field of healing deeply within our Sacred Heart Center.  In healing work, the code of the One Heart is firmly and lovingly planted into all levels of the body, mind and soul.  This is the reason why I am usually silent during healing sessions.  Consciously connecting is sacred.

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