Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Fear is the enemy.  I see it all around me even in people who are highly intelligent and hopefully would know better.  They fear because they do not understand.  Perhaps, it feels more comfortable to be  ‘stuck’.  At least they know what to expect locked into place. Well…life is designed to evolve.  The same holds true in the area of healing.  I have known of many cases where people have rejected an amazing healing because it upsets the boundaries they have created.  Guilt is one of the manifestations of fear. 

I’ve used these two examples in my books.  A young mother with multiple scoliosis asked for help in healing her body.  After our session together, amazing changes happened in her body and lifestyle.  She was able to enjoy sexual relations with her husband, rejoin the neighbor bowling team and participate in a much more active lifestyle.  Her husband even called thanking me for helping.  Months went by.  One day, I received a handwritten letter from the mother.  She explained how she had made a serious decision.  She had told her body that it could not remain active and well.  The startling decision came as a result of guilt.  The young mother was collecting a disability check each month from the government.  She couldn’t reconcile cashing or depositing the check when her body felt so good.  Besides, the checks were deposited in a special account for her pre-school daughter’s college education.  I was stunned.  As a result of her judgment of self, the multiple scoliosis gradually returned.

Another powerful example of guilt was a young woman with cerebral palsy.  Her father brought his daughter to my house in a wheel chair.  When the session was over, she walked down the steps and out to the car.  A couple months later,  the father called and asked if he could bring his daughter back to see me.  The disability was beginning to return.  Knowing how bizarre the mind can work, I privately asked her what is really going on?  She said she was having sexual relations with her boyfriend and didn’t feel worthy of the healing.  The girl was programmed like so many of us by teachings that were created by man, not our loving and nonjudgmental Source of all life.

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