Friday, September 18, 2015



Only a few are actually receiving a smattering of wisdom knowledge, the higher ancient wisdom always available but seldom used.   You may have a relative or friend who genuinely desires to understand the science of wisdom and love but for some unknown reason you have difficulty describing your inner knowledge.  Firsthand knowledge is not always easily explained.  I enjoy labeling wisdom  as a language of Light.  The language is not of man’s common knowledge.    Mind as man understands it is of matter.  Wisdom as man knows it is matter.  Matter is comprised of opinions and beliefs.  To understand the wisdom of Science, your consciousness must be at levels of understanding higher than the world of physical matter.  You must ascend to frequencies of greater light.

In other words, your mind must rise beyond the so-called senses.  You can achieve and receive many certificates of learning and read a library full of wonderful books and not receive the wisdom.    The secret of life and happiness is not found in the beliefs and opinions of men.  It is found within the chambers of the heart.  What humans typically experience is the common wisdom of man.  What enlightened beings know is the wisdom of the heart, which is actually a science.  Unless we are fully awakened, our wisdom is the fluctuating worldly wisdom of man.   Physical healing is a gentle form of reconnecting to the Source that helps a soul awaken to the wisdom science.  I call it a science because there are certain aspects that must be in place.  I view the aspects not only as disciplines but disciplines that have blossomed into powers.  As a direct result of a mental, physical and soul healing we begin to comprehend a wisdom that is not of this world.  This wisdom can be proven as phenomena.  Humans tend to believe what they see.  Phenomena will manifest but a greater proof, reality, a certainty within will also emerge for those who are ready to make a conscious and consistent connection with the higher science that Jesus and other rare souls have shared.  The biggest obstacle for all of us is to fully accept our own holiness.  The majority of souls have been raised to look outside of self for the wisdom.  Wisdom is the real you but hidden like a forgotten treasure.

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