Monday, September 28, 2015


When I tell you that you have a perfect body, I am speaking of your inherent perfect pattern of your body of Light.  This eternal body is perfect as is the field it vibrates in.  The goal is to unite your physical body with the perfect pattern of the body of Light.  Some call the body of Light, the Christ Body, the Son of God Body, the Buddhic Body or the Beloved.  The many names are attempts by man to describe the Indescribable.   If each of us would align all the levels of the mind as well as the feeling nature with the Divine Love Body, error conditions would cease to exist in the physical body.   We would gladly manifest the perfect spiritual pattern.  If we could stay fixed on that understanding remaining attentive, I really do not believe we would experience any harm.  We would be under divine protection at all times.

The typical human along with subconscious programming is conditioned by false opinions and has not developed the faith and other powers available to an awakening consciousness.  How many of you understand that you actually live in a laboratory?  If you decide to be a really good scientist and accept the perfect pattern of your spiritual body and deliberately exercise your imagination in your perfect field as your perfect self-being a conscious creator, you would actually demonstrate heaven on earth.  I strongly feel that healing of the body, mind and soul is the best way to demonstrate the wisdom science and the truth of divine order and harmony that can be reached by all of us.

Ideally, belief is best placed in your subtle patterns within the perfect light body and its vibrating field.  If you are not ready for that leap in consciousness, placing your belief in another person and the healing power of the Holy Spirit will work.  Manifestations that appeared as miracles began for me when people started calling and asking if they could come over and I lay hands on them.  We call them miracles because the evidence is mysterious.  I am suggesting that it does not need to be mysterious and there is a simple explanation.  The purpose in sharing experiences is to help you understand what I refer to as love expressing scientifically.

You may find the following strange.  I don’t really pray in the common way of asking for help.  Actually, am quiet.   I simply focus on the blueprint of perfection and not the area that needs adjusting.  I assume that Divine Mind working with Holy Spirit knows exactly where the loving power energy should go.  It knows and it goes. The whole process may take as long as fifteen minutes.  Sometimes an instantaneous and complete healing occurs.  Other occasions, the individual may need to return.

The funny part is that the recipients don’t always share with me their wonderful results.  They assume I just know everything about them.  I do not.  A few examples are a high school girl brought to the house with a tumor behind one eye.  It wasn’t until a few weeks later that her friend actually told me that her friend’s scheduled surgery was cancelled.  Another time, a man with hearing loss came to a Circle of Light local meeting and I was asked to lay hands on him.  He never said a word nor did he return.  I was told sometime later that his hearing was restored and it happened gradually.  Another woman asked me to hold her two hands not saying anything about her problem.   She also did not contact me.  I learned from someone else perhaps a month later that her carpal tunnel surgery was cancelled as a result of our connection.  Physical healing is a very visible and tangible way to demonstrate perfect love in action.

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